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Welcome To 'The Trend' With Kel Mitchell

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- 90s Nickelodeon fans rejoice!

Kel Mitchell stopped by The Trend to talk about the crossover episode of his show Game Shakers called Danger Games airing on Nickelodeon November 25 at 8 p.m.

The Good Burger star explains how that role changed his fast-food ordering life.

"OK here's what's funny. We can't go through any drive through's me and my wife, it's hilarious. Because as soon as I drive up they see me ... they all are like, 'Welcome to wherever restaurant we're at. It's so funny, they do the voice. But you know the perks are -- I get free burgers.'"

On Game Changers, Kel plays Double G, a cool rapper and hip-hop mogul. He said he was drawn to the show because he loves hip-hop. "It's a lot of fun and the cool thing about this show is that two girls create gaming apps and all the games that are created on the sitcom are available for kids in real life."

Season 3 of Game Changers is currently filming. Any teasers?

"There will be a lot more music and some guest stars from my past shows and Dan Schneider's past shows," Kel said. "We got some surprises coming up."

About the show:

Game Changers centers on two 12-year-old girls, Babe and Kenzie, who create the mobile game Sky Whale for their science project. After Sky Whale becomes the most popular app of the year, Babe and Kenzie use their profits to start "Game Shakers," a super-cool gaming company in Brooklyn. Not realizing they illegally sampled a song in their game from rapper Double G, they decide to make the rap star their business partner and hire his son Triple G as a game consultant. Together, Babe, Kenzie, their friend Hudson, Triple G and Double G work to make Game Shakers a huge success in the gaming world.

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