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Watch This 11-Year-Old Girl's Reaction To Long-Awaited Adoption News

1010 WINS-A heartwarming video showing the moment 11-year-old Tannah Butterfield of South Jordan, UT getting the news that her foster parents have been given the green light to adopt her -- along with her siblings, brother Teagun, 6, and sister Tallie, 2 -- has been posted by a worker at the child's school.

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(Credit: Jackie Alexander/American Heritage of South Jordan)

Security cameras at the American Heritage school where Tannah attends captured the dramatic moment office manager and close family friend Jackie Alexander can be seen breaking the good news to her.

"I was overjoyed and humbled," Alexander told 1010 WINS about being able to tell the family such incredible news. "It's not something I get to do every day."

"Although I knew she would be happy to hear the news, I didn't expect her to react the way she did. I am extremely humbled."

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With permission from the family, Jackie shared the footage on social media, pulling over into a parking lot to do so after hearing about the tragic events in Las Vegas, with the hope of showing people that there were still good moments to embrace with all of the current bad news filling our heads.

After fighting for custody for more than two and a half years, Tannah, Teagun, and Tallie now officially join their 'forever family,' The Fishers, and we couldn't be happier for them.


-Joe Cingrana

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