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Wall High School Football Game Canceled, Employees Suspended After Locker Room Hazing Allegations

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Hazing allegations against a top New Jersey high school football team have sparked outrage and action.

School employees have been suspended and a playoff game was canceled, CBS2's Meg Baker reported Thursday.

Wall High School's semifinal football game scheduled for Friday was canceled.

"Upon hearing of an anonymous rumor concerning allegations of hazing among Wall High School football players, the school immediately contacted law enforcement and appropriate state agencies," said Superintended Dr. Tracy Handerhan in a letter to the school community.

The NJEA teachers union confirmed some school employees were placed on administrative leave and have been assigned an attorney.

"We heard that there was some 'hazing' going on," said Fernando Espinoza, a student.

The allegations include players on the team threatening to harm a younger teammate.

According to students, video of the incident circulated. Some were concerned that someone stood by to take a video instead of getting help.

"I don't know what the timeline is to when the adults and administration were aware," said one person.

Many of the students Baker spoke with said the season should not be canceled.

"The kids that definitely did it, that get accused of it, and the proof comes back that they did it. They definitely should get consequences, but the seniors and everybody whose season could be in jeopardy really shouldn't be in trouble, in my eyes," said James Damiano, a senior.

Others said this is much bigger than just a football game.

"I hope everybody takes into consideration the victim and keeps the victim in their mind, first and foremost. Maybe refrain from all the comments and the rumors going around," one person said.

Some student-athletes said there is usually a coach or another adult in the locker room with them.

"Our coach would always be in there. There's a glass room, like an office, where the teachers would sit. So there should always be someone there," said Damiano.

The investigation is being conducted by the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office, who could not confirm or deny the details since juvenile records, by nature, are confidential.

So far, the school has not canceled its Thanksgiving game against rival Manasquan.

CBS2's Meg Baker contributed to this report.

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