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Seen At 11: It's Easier Than Ever To Make Extra Money On The Side

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Whether you're living paycheck to paycheck, or want to increase your rainy day fund, it's easier than ever to make extra money on the side.

We're talking big money and the most flexible of schedules.

"I average between five and six thousand a year," Kristen Larsen said.

"I probably made about $20,000," Jullien Gordon told CBS2's Dick Brennan.

There opportunities outside of your 'nine to five' that will let you earn more money.

Blogger Kristin Larsen said she's succeeded at making extra money from pet sitting to mystery shopping.

One of her all time favorites is getting paid for her opinion by participating in panel studies about certain products or services.

"That can pay anywhere between like $100 to $300 or $400. It's very easy," she said.

Another easy side job Larsen lists on her website is completing online surveys.

"Some people think surveys are a scam, but they're not. You really can earn cash back," she said.

Some of the more lucrative survey sites are YouGov or Opinion Outpost.

"A lot of people are putting up job listings now looking for a virtual assistant," she said.

Lisa Rowan writes for the financial website The Penny Hoarder and said a virtual assistant position can earn up to $40 an hour, all from the comfort of your own home.

"Mainly you are going to assist someone who doesn't have a lot of time on their hands, but has a lot of tasks they need help with," she said.

Rowan also said there's big bucks in selling unwanted stuff.

"If you have movies or CDs we recommend a site called declutter.

There's also an ever growing market for real photos taken by real people.

"Place them in the FOAP marketplace, and someone can buy the license to use your photo," Rowan said.

Gordon said his side gig as a motivational speaker was so lucrative it turned into a full time job.

He listed 50 other possibilities on his website, and said to get started tap into what you already know.

"Everybody who has a job, they actually have skills their employer is buying," he said.

Gordon even has a second side gig -- self-publishing self-help books.

"In the past year, I've sold over $25,000 worth of books," he said.

It's extra money anyone with a little motivation can make, he said.

If a company asks you to pay a fee for the side job opportunity, that's a major red flag that it's a scam.


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