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The 9 Best Eats At Citi Field, 2013

The last time the MLB All-Star Game came to the Big Apple was back in 2008, during the final season at the old Yankee Stadium — but it's been much longer since Queens played host to the time-honored tradition. But that all changes this week, as the event comes to Citi Field for the first time. For some, "it'll always be Shea," but there's no denying that Citi Field is a gorgeous ballpark on its own - complete with some delicious eats. It's been a relatively thankless battle for Mets fans these last few years, but there's no denying their home field boasts authentic, local foodie favorites. No one will take away your hot dogs, beer and peanuts, but for those seeking a little something to make your ballpark experience extra special, check these vendors out. By Yvo Sin.

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(credit: Yvo Sin,

Blue Smoke

Field level, behind center field

Promenade level, behind home plate

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Barbecue is just about as American as apple pie and, well, baseball. Blue Smoke offers ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, even a grilled bologna sandwich that isn't like any bologna sandwich you had growing up, but one of the real treats is the chipotle smoked BBQ wings (pictured). Saucy, smokey, slightly spicy, these beauties will have your taste buds tingling while cheering for the home team.

(credit: Yvo Sin,

Box Frites

Field level, behind center field

Promenade level, behind home plate

Box Frites offers some of the crispiest frites in NYC - and you can only get them at Citi Field. With a whole selection of dipping sauces, you can't go wrong - or try the garlic parmesan frites, which are a dressed up, adult version of the garlic fries at other parks. New this season: they will also be offering sweet potato frites, along with the BLT dog and a Buffalo dog, spicy!

Keith's Grill
(credit: Yvo Sin,

Keith's Grill

Section 132, behind the left foul post

Keith's Grill - so named for Keith Hernandez, the beloved Mets announcer and former first baseman - offers burgers two ways: the Gold Glove Burger, which is "exactly how Keith eats his burger" - a 6 oz. Brooklyn Burger on a toasted sesame bun with cheddar cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato, two dill pickles, raw onions, mayo and extra ketchup on top, mustard spread on the bottom bun, or the Mex Burger, which was created by Keith and the Citi Field culinary team - a 6 oz. Brooklyn Burger on a toasted sesame bun with cheddar and jack cheeses, topped with bacon, guacamole, chipotle aioli and jalapenos. Either burger would do you well; they're served with house made kettle chips and Keith's favorite candy, a Tootsie Roll pop. Yum!

(credit: Yvo Sin,

Catch of the Day

Field level, behind section 102

Seafood at a ballpark may make you hesitate, but rest assured, April baseball warrants the excellent clam chowder to warm you up on a cold evening. Try the crab cake sandwich - nearly all lump crabmeat topped with housemade tartar sauce, it also is sure to please. It's probably best to avoid the subpar lobster roll (pictured), however - not quite the best example of a lobster roll.

Mama's of Corona

(credit: Yvo Sin,

Field level, behind sections 105-6

Promenade level, behind home plate

Excellent sandwiches for those who want a quick bite - try the Mama's Special, which comes with the roasted red peppers and marinated mushrooms on the side for you to add yourself as much or as little as you like. The salads and antipasti platters are a delight, too, but for a real treat, finish with some of the best cannolis this side of the ocean.

(credit: Yvo Sin,

El Verano Taqueria

Field level, behind center field

Authentic Mexican tacos can be had here for a pittance - try the trio, which includes chicken, pork and beef, along with sauces to make your mouth sing. Try the elotes, an ear of corn on the cob spread with mayo, sprinkled with cotija and cayenne, skewered so you can try to eat it neatly at your seat.


Hot Pastrami on Rye

Section 135

The quintessential New York sandwich, hot pastrami on rye, finally gets its own stand at Citi Field. Each sandwich is weighed to exact portions, but that doesn't prevent them from piling the succulent meat high on your rye. Enjoy with just a schmear of mustard and feel like a real New Yorker!

(credit: Yvo Sin,


Locations all over the stadium

Baseball and hot dogs go together like ice cream and apple pie. Nathan's, like the Mets, are a truly New York brand and earn their place of pride as the hot dog of choice here at Citi Field - snap, crunch, juice. The perfect dog with your perfect choice of toppings, available all over the park.

Shake Shack Burger At Citi Field
(credit: Yvo Sin,

Shake Shack

Field level, behind center field

Danny Meyer's presence is strong in Citi Field - especially so in the Taste of the City section (behind center field, home to Blue Smoke, Box Frites, and El Verano Taqueria) - which makes total sense that the first outpost of Shake Shack was in Citi Field. If you can stand the wait, the burgers here are truly divine - almost as good as the original location in Madison Square Park - but be prepared to wait at least 2 innings of the game. No fear, though - the recent addition of a JUMBO sized TV overlooking Taste of the City means you won't have to miss the action on the field. On a hot day, the custard is also heavenly.

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Yvo Sin is the founder and head writer of The Feisty Foodie.

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