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Teen Girl Sharing Nude Photo Leads To Sexting Scandal In Wyckoff

WYCKOFF, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- A Bergen County middle school is at the center of a sexting scandal after a teenage girl's explicit photos spread from cell phone to cell phone.

Virtually all teens text countless times a day, but at Wyckoff's Eisenhower Middle School, a 13-year-old girl was sexting full nude photographs of herself.

She sent them via cell phone to two teen boys, who sent them to a few friends, who sent them to more friends, and so on.

"I was kind of appalled that a quiet girl like this would do such a thing," student Kevin Winiarski told CBS 2's Sean Hennessey.

Few are aware of the serious nature of the situation.

"Having photographs of this nature, of a 13-year old, is in fact a criminal offense. It's the distribution of or the possession of child pornography," Wyckoff Police Chief Benjamin Fox said.

Administrators sent letters and emails to parents, who were stunned.

"It's an unfortunate reality of today's society," parent Brian Winiarski said.

"Too many opportunities for students, and for young people to get themselves into trouble that they didn't intend," Wyckoff School Superintendent Rich Kuder said.

These students may have caught a break. Instead of arrests, police are offering amnesty to delete the nude photo.

"Get rid of it because if you get caught with it after Thursday morning, we will arrest and charge you with possession of child pornography," Fox said.

The incident is expected to spur parents to get more involved with what their child is sending and receiving via cell phone.

The school hopes what happened is a lesson to all students that a careless use of today's technology carries inherent dangers with long-ranging consequences.

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