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Parents Have Mixed Reactions To Teachers Texting Their Students

MILLBURN, NJ. (CBSNewYork) – Many teachers say they've started texting students to give them assignments or help them with school work, but that's not sitting well with some New Jersey parents.

"My kids are always on their phones!" Chuck Price of Summit said.

Price's kids - three Millburn High School seniors - say they can't walk more than a few steps without glancing at their phone. Teachers are taking advantage of this obsession, using technology to send assignments directly to students on their phones.

Math teacher and track coach Jeff Kaye uses the app "remind" to communicate with students.

"They like remind a lot because it just gets sent to phone like a text message."

While school officials say they are taking extra precautions to make sure conversations don't put them or students at risk, parenting expert Tammy Gold says parents should double check that the communication is legitimately coming from the school.

"If teachers are directly texting students puts responsibility right in their lap," Gold says.

"I'm all for technology if it helps simplify stay organized and accountable," Jersey City dad Matt Hobbs told CBS2's Meg Baker.

Still, some parents are opposed to giving their kids another reason to stay on their phones.

"I think it's extremely obnoxious because they're on phone 24 hours a day," a parent named Cathy added.


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