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Take A Tour Of The World's Best Beauty Secrets

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- They may not be known yet in the United States, but around the globe they are the beauty secrets women swear by.

And as CBS2's Emily Smith reported, you can get in on some of these secrets without a Passport, and for as little as $5.

For glowing, beautiful skin, just spin the globe to find a beauty secret or remedy because every country has one.

Smith met up with Susan Yara, of, who has traveled the world to find the best of the best.

"It is called marula oil and it comes from the marula nut in South Africa," Yara said.

It's loaded with fatty acids, especially omega 9 an it absorbs quickly, Smith reported. Women there use it for healing and moisturizering to avoid stretch marks and get rid of redness.

Next up: Asia -- with a focus on Japan.

"You would think it's just a regular sponge, but this is the Konjac Sponge," Yara said. "And it's just ground up and made into this sponge and it's great for sensitive skin, and anyone that wants to excoriate their skin."

It's so popular in Asia it sells out.

"You're going to see the Konjac Sponge pop up everywhere," Yara said.

Now off to Korea.

"Snail excretion is really huge," Yara said. "Real snail excretion that the snail leaves behind as it kind of slithers away. Snail excretion is kind of that all-purpose ingredient. It's anti-aging, it's anti-acne, it helps with scars."

And beauty secrets from around the world can be made right at home. Next is India where they use a popular spice called turmeric.

"Turmeric is anti-inflammatory which means that it takes the red out," Yara said. "Mix the turmeric with a little bit of lemon juice, place it right onto the pimple and let it dry overnight."

Thanks to Greece, we now know that full-fat yogurt from the country can be a natural anti-aging remedy.

"You're gonna a little bit of honey into the Greek yogurt," Yara explained. "Put it on your skin just like a face mask and you let it sit for about 5 minutes - 10 minutes. The total cost is probably about $5 and then you can eat the rest of it."

Practical, inexpensive and can be made at home -- stamp that on your Passport for your skin.

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