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'Sweatlag:' New Workout To Beat Your Jet Lag

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Summer time is vacation time for many, but all that traveling could leave some of us jet lagged. Now a gym and an airline have joined forces to help you beat that unfortunate side effect of flying.

If you've got a bit of a layover, there's a new kind of lounge to help keep travelers in tip-top shape.

It's called Sweatlag -- the workout to wipe out jet lag.

Sara Suwanasung just returned home from a whirlwind trip.

"I went to Dublin, Ireland and spent 48 hours in Dublin. And then from Dublin, went straight to Canada and spent 24 hours in Vancouver. So it's been quite a week," said Suwanasung.

And she's feeling the drag.

"Jet lag for sure! I haven't got much sleep," said Suwanasung.

So she's trying to work off her jet lag with Sweatlag, a new workout offered at Equinox in conjunction with Delta Airlines and it's designed for the traveler.

Equinox's Dana McCaw recommends a workout before you takeoff and 24 hours after you land to improve and sync your circadian rhythms.

"Fit individuals are less likely to experience jet lag," said McCaw.

Even through the class is a partnership with Delta, you can also get your Sweatlag on even if you've traveled on another airline.

"It is open to anybody who has a recent boarding pass," said a representative for Delta.

It's a class that will have you jumping, running and stretching it out.

"It was designed to be a non-equipment, take-with-you anywhere workout," said McCaw.

Like maybe even back to your hotel where you can try out the moves to get an extra boost.

And instructors give pre-trip, en route, and upon arrival advice to help travelers.

"This class is just what I needed," said Suwanasung.

For now, Equinox only offers the classes at LAX. But you can head to their website where all the moves are posted for you to try.

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