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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Star Stephanie Beatriz Gets Serious In New Role

1010 WINS --If there's one thing we can say about Stephanie Beatriz, it's that she has the ability to make us feel.

She has us amused and laughing as Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and now she's making us feel in a whole new way with her new award-winning movie The Light of the Moon. 

Rebecca Granet chats with Beatriz about the very different roles and her engagement.

"When I read that script, I was looking to do something that was a huge departure from Brooklyn Nine-Nine," Beatriz said. "I read Light Of the Moon and I had never seen a script in which ... I mean you see movies and television that use rape used as a plot device all the time ... like it's in the script for a second and then maybe there's no character development of the woman and then she gets raped and suddenly she's like strong and interesting which is like 'oh so what you're telling me in that story is that she wasn't strong and interesting before?' Or she gets raped and goes on a revenge tirade which is really satisfying to watch as an audience but the reality is most of the rapes that happen in the United States and all over the world aren't reported. The ones that are reported they're rarely brought to justice -- the perpetrator. So like to have a constant image in our media that really isn't telling the victim's/survivor story is really doing us a major disservice."

The Light of the Moon is in select theaters November 1. Check out their website for a list of where you can see the film. Also, there is a tab with all kinds of information on how to get help if you are a victim of sexual violence, or if you are looking to help someone who has been a victim.

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