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Sims: Is There Reason To Worry About Carmelo Anthony?

By Abby Sims
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Though Carmelo Anthony left Monday night's game after appearing to hurt his knee when he fell in the first half of the Knicks' win against the Cavaliers on Monday night, later reports quoted him as having said he has had knee soreness and stiffness for some time now. Anthony differentiated between this "soreness" and pain, which he claimed not to have.

Anthony's status for Wednesday's game has yet to be determined.

In my dictionary, soreness is merely a mild level of pain, one that is not sharp or shooting but is often dull and persistent. It is of equal concern that if it's left undiagnosed or untreated, it could become more chronic and debilitating.

Though Anthony's recent MRI (one performed prior to Monday night's incident) was reportedly negative, and with scarce information to go on at this time, one might surmise that his complaints point to patellofemoral issues (the region under the kneecap) rather than significant ligament or meniscal problems. However, it is unclear whether Anthony also tweaked his knee on Monday night, causing any additional diagnoses to factor in (such as a mild ligament sprain).

When more is known about Anthony's specific diagnoses we'll report back.

For more information on the patellofemoral joint, see this previous column.

How worried are you about Melo going forward? Sound off with your thoughts and comments below...

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