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Search On For Drive-By Fruit-Throwing Vandal Who Damaged Cars In New Rochelle

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Police in New Rochelle on Sunday were searching for a vandal who has damaged numerous vehicles by hurling fruit at them.

As 1010 WINS' Gene Michaels reports, the vandal has damaged at least 17 vehicles in the drive by fruit-throwings – nine of them early Sunday morning.

"I'm not happy this happened in this neighborhood," said one resident, Scott. "I mean you know, this is a good neighborhood, and it's not something that we like to see around here."

Search On For Vandal Who Hurled Fruit, Damaged Cars In New Rochelle

Scott lives on Neptune Avenue in New Rochelle, and he was not happy to learn about what some are calling the Fruit Bandit.

The suspect has hurled pumpkins, papayas and even pineapples at the cars. Telltale traces of pumpkin and pineapple were still visible along Pelham Road Sunday evening.

"It's like a random thing to sort of hear, and sort of experience," Scott said. "Who thinks of things like this?"

New Rochelle police wanted to know, along with the vehicle owners. They suffered broken mirrors, smashed windows and other damage Sunday morning, and last weekend too.

John, who also lives on Neptune Avenue, said his neighbor, Tommy, was a victim of the Fruit Bandit.

"My neighbor got hit twice. They didn't smash the window, but they did damage to the car. It hit the back window," John said. "I guess it was at night, because he went to work kind of early, and when he got into work, he saw it; when he came out in the morning."

Scott parks his car in the area where the Fruit Bandit struck, and said: "I hope nothing happens to it. That would not be good."

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