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Search On For Petite 'Pixie Cut Bandit' Who Robbed Greenwich, Conn. Bank

GREENWICH, Conn. (CBSNewYork) -- Police in Greenwich, Connecticut were on the hunt Friday night for an unusual bank robber.

As CBS2's Lou Young reported, police have released a surveillance image of the woman suspected of robbing the Greenwich Bank and Trust Company of East Putnam Avenue around noon on Friday.

The small bandit waited until the place was empty before taking out a big gun demanding cash.

In the video, she is seen gesturing with her left hand as she barks at the teller, and holding a gun so large in her right hand that she has to rest its large barrel on the counter.

Employees were completely taken by surprise. The gun seemed unusually large for such a petite person.

"She's described as small in stature, approximately 100 pounds, female, in her 40s, wearing glasses and a dark-colored pea coat," said Greenwich police Lt. Craig Grey.

Also standing out was the woman's hairdo, which begged the title "Pixie Cut Bandit."

Bank customers were shocked at the news of the daylight robbery, and intrigued by the bandit's appearance and choice of attire.

"She kind of has Larry David's glasses going on," said Greenwich resident Megan Rutledge.

"Oh my gosh. Well, she looks like she's wearing a wig for sure," another woman said.

Police said the teller facing the gun complied with the bandit's request and handed over what was described as an undetermined amount of cash. They also said bank employees proceeded in the best way when facing a firearm, although the bank employees were not in the mood to talk about it Friday night.

The last bank robbery in Greenwich took place back in August. Police arrested a suspect, and they expect to be successful in this case as well.

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