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Rescuers Save Dog Found In Garbage Bag With Mouth Taped Shut In Brooklyn

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- What happened to this 10-year-old shepherd mix should never happen to any living creature.

Saint Vincent was found on the side of the road in East New York, Brooklyn, wrapped up in a plastic garbage bag with his mouth taped shut and his skin burned from lying in his own urine.

"He was deliberately put there to die," said Carla Mohan of the animal rescue group New York Bully Crew. "He was left there to suffocate."

The dog was rescued Tuesday after a call came in to police from someone who noticed the bag moving and heard breathing.

Doctors believe he may have been there for as long as a week.

"He's been laying down for a long time so he has sores on his body, he has urine scald," said Dr. Philip Fico of the Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group where the dog is being nursed back to health. "We're addressing those wounds, we've shaved down the hair taking care of the skin and things that have broken down from the urine."

Fico said the prognosis is pretty good and expects Saint Vincent to make a full recovery.

"He's doing OK. He's hanging in there," Fico said. "It's a heartbreaking story to see things like this and I wish we could say that it's the first time. You just wonder how someone can do something like that. He had to have been so scared to sit there and have someone do that to him."

Once he's fully recovered, Saint Vincent will be put up for adoption so he can find the loving home he deserves.

"Our goal is to give him dignity, our goal is to give him comfort, and our goal is to erase the horrific thing that just happened to him so that is not his last memory," Mohan said. "He deserves better. He deserves more. He deserves unconditional love."

There's a $4,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible.

"They definitely should pay for the crime, I think they should be in jail for it," Fico said.

If you're interested in adopting Saint Vincent or making a donation towards his medical care, CLICK HERE.

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