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Ready To Run: CBS2's Kristine Johnson Prepares To Take On The New York Marathon

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) -- Lots of ghosts and goblins were headed out on Friday night, wondering if the sky would stay clear. But, but they weren't the only ones with an eye on the weekend weather.

One person who has been watching the marathon forecast very closely is CBS2's Kristine Johnson. She will be joining thousands for the race on Sunday morning.

"This is my first marathon. I've been sharing my journey on social media for several months. All of it leading up to the final 26.2 miles," she said Friday.

Over the course of 20 weeks of training, six days a week, she has logged 529 miles of blood, sweat and tears. She has powered through injury after injury, sore muscles, sore hips and limping after not getting enough sleep.

"There were times I thought my body would break in half," she explained.

Johnson made the decision to run in February, and says after that, there was no turning back.

"I started telling people, shared it with viewers, colleagues, then I couldn't go back on my word. I didn't want to disappoint anyone," she said.

For Johnson, the journey has been about inner strength and will.

"Commitment is everything. You have to put everything aside. When do you have time to run? You have to make time to run. How do you find the will to do it? Well it's just perseverance," she said.

The question on many people's minds is "why?"

"I thought, 'Why not?' I'm not getting any younger, it would be a great experience, and a great example for kids to watch their mom who is not a runner, and not a natural runner, take on this challenge," Johnson said.

On Monday, CBS2 will show you exactly how she did in the race. You can follow CBS2's Kristine Johnson on Twitter @KJohnsonTV where she will be tweeting throughout the weekend.

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