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Queens Parents Concerned Local Playground Is Dangerous

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Concerned parents in Ridgewood, Queens say their local playground is putting their children at risk.

They want it redesigned and rehabilitated before of the children is seriously injured, CBS2's Meg Baker reports.

Nothing beats a summer day at the park, but these parents are worried Rosemary's Playground on Woodward Avenue between Putnam Avenue and Madison Street is dangerous.

"The play equipment is old," said parent Stephanie Sauer. "Paint is chipping -- so worried about kids getting splinters."

Augustin and Berkley come to the park at least once a day if not twice, Baker reports, and their parents want to know why other neighborhood's parks have been updated -- but this one has not been.

Sauer wants to know what the city isn't utilizing this space and making it a greener space that is more park-like. She pointed out that the safety mats meant to protect kids from injuries on the pavement have become a trip hazard. Metal slides, that have been replaced in most other parks, remain at this one and tend to burn the skin of little ones as they slide down.

"I understand any parents' frustration when their local park they like to bring their kids to is not in good shape," said Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley.

The City Parks Department says it is not ignoring the site, but they say they cannot start a full renovation until funding comes through.

"It is in need of some TLC and we're committed to working with the community to make the changes they see for this park," said Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski.

But Councilwoman Crowley says even after the approval, the parks department moves too slowly.

"More pressure on mayor's administration to make sure that our parks are getting the construction projects moving as quickly as possible," Crowley said. "Especially when funding is already there."

"Parks are another part of our infrastructure in the city and its something we have to maintain safety health accessibility are all part of that," said parent Kaarin Patterson.

The city council vote to fully repair the park is expected this week.

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