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Playoff Ticket Deadline, Timing Of Knicks' Lin-jury Announcement Has Some Calling Foul

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- The Knicks reportedly knew the extent of Jeremy Lin's left knee injury early last week.

So why wait to disclose it?

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News wrote in Monday's paper that it could have something to do with ticket sales.

According to Isola, the team knew of Lin's meniscus tear two days before the March 28 deadline for season-ticket holders to purchase seats for every playoff round.

"I'm putting it out there so people can make their own conclusions about it," Isola told WFAN's Craig Carton on Monday. "Do I think that played into it on some level? Absolutely, for probably the marketing department ticketing. Do I think Jeremy Lin is thinking like that? Absolutely not."

He added: "What the Knicks will say is, 'Well, we don't want it out there that he's got a torn meniscus because if he does end up playing, we don't want other teams to know that.' But I think the big brace that he's wearing on his knee during a game would probably give it away that his knee hurts."

Carton, a Knicks season-ticket holder, displayed a mailing he received from the team on the MSG Network. A glossy photo of Lin was included among the images distributed with the opportunity letter.

"You have to say to yourself, 'What do you gain by hiding information?' " Carton said.

Lin announced he would undergo season-ending surgery on Saturday. The Knicks were mum on his MRI results leading up to the player's decision.

"Why go through all the nonsense of lying about it?" asked Carton. "Of saying, 'Maybe he'll play Thursday in Orlando.' 'Maybe he'll play Tuesday in Indiana.' He's not playing in any game! Jeremy Lin's done!"

Lin is expected to miss six weeks. The regular season ends April 26, which means the NBA's biggest story this season could end on a down note. Unless, that is, the Knicks make a deep playoff run.

"Thanks for all the love!" Lin wrote to his Facebook page after the announcement. "(I'll) return from this surgery stronger and better than before ... and hopefully in time for the playoffs!"

Do you think the Knicks withheld information to sell playoff tix? Sound off in the comments below...


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