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Parents Of Missing College Student Lauren Spierer Mark Daughter's 22nd Birthday

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (CBSNewYork) – The parents of a missing Indiana University college student from Westchester are marking their daughter's 22nd birthday with a plea for information that might help them find their daughter.

Lauren Spierer has been missing for more than 18 months. She disappeared on June 3, 2011 after a night out with friends in Bloomington, Indiana where she went to school.

She left without her shoes or cell phone and was later seen on surveillance video stumbling out of an elevator at her apartment. She was last seen wearing black pants and a white top.

"Today is Lauren's birthday. There will be no gifts mailed to Bloomington, no cake, no candles, no excited anticipation as the
celebration of one so loved approaches. We are left only with the gifts the person responsible for Lauren's disappearance has given our family, despair, heartache and loss," Robert and Charlene Spierer posted on their website Thursday.

Months of searches following her disappearance turned up nothing and so far, no arrests have been made. Police say they've received more than 2,400 tips in the case.

Last year, the Spierers said they realize their daughter is likely dead, but said they will never give up trying to find her.

"We have no doubt that when Lauren is found, the next chapter of this horrible nightmare will begin anew," they wrote Thursday. "On June 3, 2011, a set of parents was born; unwavering in our desire to find our daughter and see that justice is served for a life ended too early. We remain…just as determined as day one."

Anyone with information should contact Beau Dietl Associates at 1.800.777.9366, or the Bloomington Police Department at (812)339-4477.

For more information, visit the family's website

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