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NJ Transit Commuters Frustrated By State Of Lyndhurst Train Stations

LYNDHURST, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Commuters say two NJ Transit stations in one town are in disrepair, saying the buildings are falling apart and even getting to the train is sometimes difficult.

The Kingsland station is one of the two stations in rough shape.

"This seems like it's time for an upgrade here," Lyndhurst resident Joshua Boria said.

"It's long overdue for a makeover. It's kind of decrepit and kind of falling apart. Even just get new paint job or something. Especially for what we deal with with train delays, train cancellations," Lyndhurst resident Brian Saweice said.

NJ Transit commuters say the Kingsland and Lyndhurst train stations are in disrepair. (Credit: CBS2)

NJ Transit customers who have to commute through Kingsland and another station in Lyndhurst are not happy with the upkeep. The buildings are falling apart. You can see boards cover windows and doors.

Neither station is ADA, or Americans With Disabilities Act, compliant. Tracks are only accessible via tall staircases.

"I commute with a lot of equipment to work ... and it's pretty difficult to get on and off the train. It's a big step and when there's a lot of people commuting at the same time, it's difficult," Boria said.

NJ Transit commuters say the Kingsland and Lyndhurst train stations are in disrepair. (Credit: CBS2)

Commuters who spoke to CBS2's Meg Baker complain about a lack of shelter when it's raining or snowing. There's only a narrow entrance with peeling paint.

"When it's raining, yeah, there's not much, and this is a very, very heavily used station. People are kind of leaking out," Sawice said.

CBS2 tried to ask NJ Transit executive director Kevin Corbett about the conditions, but he was rushed away by his PR team.

Gov. Phil Murphy stopped briefly.

"People say that basic needs are still not being met, especially at the Lyndhurst station," Baker said.

"I don't have a crisp answer for you on Lyndhurst. I will definitely raise it," Murphy said.

NJ Transit says it is not feasible to make the 100-plus-year-old stations ADA-compliant, but a brand new station will be built in between the existing Lyndhurst and Kingsland stations.

There are no details on when they will break ground or what will happen to the two old stations.

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