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New York City to "have a celebratory party like we've never witnessed before" for 50 years of hip hop culture

NYC plans yearlong celebration of hip hop
NYC plans yearlong celebration of hip hop 02:13

NEW YORK - For National Hip Hop History Month, New York City is putting a spotlight on the popular genre of music. 

It unveiled plans to celebrate hip hop's birthday next year, partnering with a new museum in the works. 

CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis got a sneak peak in the Bronx. 

Stepping into the exhibit "(R)Evolution of hip hop" on Exterior Street, you're transported to the golden era: 1986-1990. The immersive journey through hip hop history is a sneak peak of what's to come when the Universal Hip Hop Museum" opens. 

"It will be one of the most advanced, technology-driven museums in the history of New York City. It will be documenting, preserving and celebrating the story of 50 years of hip hop history," said Universal Hip Hop Museum Executive Director Rocky Bucano. 

Bucano is the founder of the museum, which is being built in the birthplace of hip hop, the Bronx. 

Mayor Eric Adams announces yearlong celebration of 50th anniversary of hip-hop 19:24

Construction is already underway at Bronx Poin on East 149th Street. 

"We are partnering with the museum to really have a host of events and activities during 2023, the 50th anniversary of hip hop," said Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright. 

"Happy birthday to hip hop. Hip hop turning 50, we're going to have a celebratory party like we've never witnessed before. The birth of hip hop is here in New York City," Mayor Eric Adams said.   

Monday, city leaders announced a yearlong, citywide celebration for hip hop's 50th birthday, backed by industry legends. 

"We will be 50 places, doing 50 things with over 50 people and we hope to see 50 million, please believe it," said rapper Roxanne Shanté. 

"Education is the fifth element of hip hop, and that will be represented in this celebration as well," said Ralph McDaniels of Video Music Box. 

Bucano detailed what can be expected throughout the year, which he says includes a major concert in Central Park. 

"Everything from youth empowerment programs, social justice programs to try to reduce the gun violence in New York City, creative programs for art making and creative place making, dance classes, concerts," Bucano said. 

It will all be happening across the city, to honor the place and people that paved the way for hip hop to be what it is today. 

"We did this for nothing and now it's unarguably the biggest music on planet Earth, and I want to say thank God we here," said Grandmaster Flash. 

The universal hip hop museum promises to be educational, immersive and interactive and will officially open in 2024. 

The Universal Hip Hop Museum's "teaser" exhibit, "(R)Evolution of hip hop" is now open across the street from where the museum will be. 

For more information about the exhibit, CLICK HERE

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