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After Going Above And Beyond To Help Young People On Long Island, Retired Nurse Gets New Roof From An Admiring Public

ROOSEVELT, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- A local woman was safer Thursday, thanks to a brand new roof. It was gifted to her by several Long Island companies.

It was a donation, after she spent years donating her time helping others, CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reported.

Sandra Jenkins' new roof was unveiled at her Roosevelt home. She, herself, couldn't afford to pay for it, but was recognized for always paying forward acts of kindness.

"During these crazy times, the pandemic, she's done nothing but help the community," King Quality owner Jeff Brett said.

Last year, the retired nurse, who was unable to work due to a car accident years ago, discovered her old roof, which was patched, was leaking badly.

"I needed this roof seriously. I wasn't really sleeping a few nights because I was worried," Jenkins said.

Roosevelt nurse new roof 2
Sandra Jenkins (Photo: CBS2)

But the $10,000 price tag was unaffordable. That's when King Quality partnered with other vendors -- ABC Supply, roofing manufacturer GAF, and Superior Waste -- to make it happen.

"When we heard she needed a roof, we wanted to help out. We were so happy to help change the life of somebody that has helped so many others," Brett said.

Jenkins works with young people. She encourages them to make good decisions, holds after-school homework sessions, teaches them how to grow food and, and, during the coronavirus pandemic, offers meals to passersby.

"I'd ask them, 'Do you have food?' And most said 'A little' or some would say 'no,' and I would say, 'Hold on a moment. I have food to give you,'" Jenkins said.

Deeply religious, she said she reached out to King Quality, which because of its name seemed to suggest a higher purpose.

"It was amazing how they just came along and they just said, 'Yes, we will bless you. We are going to help you get a roof,'" Jenkins said.

"Because of the seeds she has has planted, she has reaped what she has sown, and the Lord has blessed her with this wonderful brand new roof," Pastor Arthur Mackey Jr. said.

The roof should give Jenkins peace of mind for the next 50 years. That's how long it is guaranteed to last.

She's a person used to giving, not taking, but she will surely pay this kindness forward.

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