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Nets' King On WFAN: 'We're Done' With Carmelo

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Nets general manager Billy King joined Benigno & Roberts on Thursday afternoon to discuss why New Jersey pulled the plug on their negotiations for superstar forward Carmelo Anthony.

"We're done, we're moving on," King succinctly said.

Evan Roberts wondered why King sounded fatigued, and asked the Nets GM if he enjoyed his Carmelo experience.

"Doing trades, that's my job. I do enjoy trying to make a deal, what I didn't like about it was the fact that our players' names were out there so public," said King. "Some of it was true, some if it wasn't true, and that's the part I didn't like, because of the fact that, they have kids, they have families.

"They're still human beings, and that part I regret. I'm going to meet with them before practice and tell them that, and I'm going to tell them 'thank you,' because I think through all of this they've been the most professional."

LISTEN: Billy King with Benigno & Roberts


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