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Comedian Ms. Pat Takes Humor From Prison To Prose

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- She was born Patricia Williams.

She became Ms. Pat.

But as a child, she was just Rabbit.

"Rabbit will fight you," warns the 45-year-old author and comedian. "Rabbit don't give a crap, you hear me? Rabbit would not hesitate to knock you out.

"Ms. Pat? She kind of thinks now before she tries to hit you," Pat told CBS Local. "Rabbit will go off, Ms. Pat is a lot calmer. Rabbit is the convicted felon, Ms. Pat is the mother, so it's a bit different."

In her memoir "Rabbit" published by Harper-Collins, Ms. Pat recounts the laughs and pains she endured growing up in Atlanta during the rise of crack cocaine and things she did to survive.

Her book tells about stealing from drunks when she was just 7 years old, being sexually targeted at age 12, becoming pregnant at age 13 and having two children by age 15.

"I say stuff that they're shocked that I'd come out and say," said Pat. "I've got two kids, I've trafficked cocaine, I've been shot... Y'know, people been through things but they're ashamed to say it. 'Oh my God, she's not scared to say that.' I think that's why I'm just honest.

"This book, I cannot believe it. I am blown away," she said. "Just seeing this book finished is a big accomplishment... All you got to do is dream. A person who does not dream is not alive."

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