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Mixed reaction to plan to use 4-wheel delivery bikes instead instead of trucks on NYC streets

4-wheel cargo bikes may be coming to NYC streets
4-wheel cargo bikes may be coming to NYC streets 02:14

NEW YORK -- Delivery trucks in the city may be replaced by pedal-assist cargo bikes. The bikes have four wheels and are wider than delivery bikes currently on our roads.

But some people are pushing back against the plan to roll them out.

New York City residents love their deliveries. As many as 80% of households get at least one delivery per week, according to the Department of Transportation.

If the DOT has its way, new wider pedal-assist cargo bikes will roll across the five boroughs. They're easier on the environment than trucks.

"Anything energy efficient for the city would be fabulous," Upper West Side resident Heidi Hopperfeld said.

The pedal-assist cargo bikes are 10 feet long and 4 feet wide and are sturdier than current ones that are 3 feet wide and three-wheeled.

Some people worry they could make the roads even more crowded.

"I think it's gonna give more chaos. It's already congested," Upper West Side resident Louis Munoz said.

City leaders say two of the bikes can replace one traditional delivery truck, adding the number of big delivery trucks could be greatly reduced by having the new cargo bikes start at the rivers to line up and load up.

"Down at Pier 92, which is by the river, there's a discussion of bringing the cargo in there on the ships and then bringing the bikes from there," Councilwoman Gale Brewer said.

Brewer likes the plan but only with fixes to infrastructure and much better traffic enforcement.

"First, enlarge the bike lanes. You have to make sure that the cargo bike do not unload at the sidewalk. They have to unload in the street and, three, the rules of the road have to be enforced," Brewer said.

The Department of Transportation will get public input on the plan on Wednesday at a virtual hearing that will begin at 10 a.m. Comments will be taken via DOT email.

"I think this is a good thing," Upper West Side resident Drusilla Capers said.

"I think it's a bad idea because we have enough problems right now with the bike lanes," William Guzman added.

CBS New York found a divided public on the extra pedal power, with a final council vote that is still down the road.

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