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Fake Deliverymen Take Nearly $200,000 In Loot And Cash In Mill Basin Home Invasion

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Nearly $200,000 worth of cash and jewels were taken during a home invasion in Brooklyn.

The housekeeper was tricked by two fake delivery men.

As CBS2's Scott Rapoport reported, the violent push-in robbery took place on 56th Drive in the upscale community of Mill Basin.

According to police, two men saying they were from UPS knocked on the door of the house, forced their way past the housekeeper, and ransacked the place.

"That's terrible, terrible," one man said.

Once inside, police said one man held the housekeeper on the floor and pointed an unidentified object at her heard, while telling her to stay down and shut up.

The other man smashed in a locked bedroom door and scooped up $30,000 in cash and $150,000 in jewelry.

"There are bad people that are to do bad things, you know. And it shouldn't happen, but it does," one woman said.

Police said the suspects tied the housekeeper up with tape, and bolted.

She was discovered later by the homes owner, Henrik Zylberstein who immediately called 911. He didn't want to speak with CBS2's Rapoport.

The robbery has some neighbors on edge.

"Cause it could happen to anyone, and any of us. They could ring anyone's doorbell and come in the house, so no one's protected from it," Ariel Balaguta said.

Police described both suspects as about 5'7" and said both were wearing black clothing.

No one was injured in the brazen home invasion.

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