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Mets Fan Raising Money For Billboards In Effort To Get Wilpons To Sell Team

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- It's no secret that Mets fans have been frustrated with their team's owners for years and eagerly want the Wilpons to sell.

Well owners can't be fired, but one disgruntled Mets fan is determined to get Fred and Jeff out of Queens.

Gary Palumbo, who describes himself as a "long-suffering Mets fan that grew up in Fairfield County and now reside(s) in the great state of NH," has started a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to make Mets fans' wishes comes true.

The title of Palumbo's page on Kickstarter is entitled "FreeMetsFans Sell The Team! Billboard."

On the page, which you can visit here, Palumbo writes the following:

I love the Mets and believe the owners are not responsible stewards of the team. Their poor decisions have placed the team into a position where they no longer invest in a manner of placing the team in contention for the playoffs. They manage the team simply to keep it as a family heirloom. This project is simple, I would like us to create a message and place it on the billboard. Something like:

              #FreeMetsFans Sell The Team!


              #FreeMetsFans New Owners Needed!

Two billboards on Roosevelt avenue are currently placed on hold to see if we can raise the funds over the next 30 days. The launch date for them is tentatively scheduled for 03/30/2015 (MLB opening day) and would remain in place for four weeks. Once funding is raised, I would like all of the contributors to recommend a message and we can vote on the best ones along with voting of how the design will look.

The money needed is $5000. Renting the two billboards will cost $4000 for 4 weeks. There is a $450 charge to print and install the images onto the boards. The rest of the money will go to cover the Kickstarter commission and production of thank you gifts to the contributors.

The main goal for my project is for us to come together with a collective voice and be able to represent our frustration. It's also about having fun and not being hateful. It's just a game, BUT I really want the Mets to be better at it with long term continued success.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the cause had 48 backers. A sum of $1,159 of the pledged $5,000 goal has been raised. There are 23 days left to donate.

During the NFL season, a group of Jets fans raised money for billboards in an attempt to get general manager John Idzik fired.

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