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Martina McBride Moves To L.A.?

Though Martina McBride and her husband, John McBride, are longtime residents of Nashville, this month they have moved to Los Angeles. Well, temporarily at least.

As Martina writes on her website, the move is only for a few weeks, and is to support her daughter Emma's interest in acting.

"My middle daughter, Emma, has always wanted to try her hand at acting," writes McBride, "and so we have enrolled her in a couple of acting classes and workshops in LA this month so that she can see if it's something she wants to pursue. This could be the beginning of realizing her dream, which is a beautiful thing."

And while it may seem indulgent to move one's family across the country for a few acting classes, Martina actually has good reason--which stems from her own experience growing up, and the love and support her parents gave to her artistic pursuits.

"I know how supportive my parents were at her age and how they did everything possible to help me be able to sing wherever and whenever I could and I'm happy we can do the same for her."

The temporary relocation of the whole family to L.A., though, may also be related to some other items on Martina's calendar.

This week, for instance, the TV show Opening Act premiered on the E! channel, and Martina is part of the artist development team.

"I think it's a really cool show and idea," writes Martina. "I love being part of making someone's dreams come true!"

And on Wednesday (July 11), Martina is singing at the Hollywood Bowl in a tribute to Ray Charles called Genuis + Soul = Jazz (a reference to his seminal 1961 album).

If you want to hear more about Martina and her family's "adventure" in L.A., stay tuned to her website and her (very active) Twitter page, and she'll be "tweeting and updating" fans on "how everything is going over the next month so you can share in our journey."

- Kurt Wolff, CBS Local

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