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Many Retailers Offering Discounts For Donations To Charity

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer consumers great deals, and now, some companies are going one better.

As CBS2's Alice Gainer reported, the companies are still giving discounts to consumers, while showing off a charitable side too.

Donating an old coat can earn customers a sweet discount at the SoHo boutique Veda.

"It's nice to be able to provide something for someone that's in need, and then also, 15 percent off the jacket is a really good deal," said customer Cristina Gomez.

At Veda, shoppers receive that 15 percent off in exchange for their donation. The Coalition for the Homeless will be the recipient of dozens of used coats that have been collected.

"I feel like this would give people an opportunity for people to maybe buy something for themselves, but also feel like they were doing something charitable and good as well," said Veda founder and creative director Lyndsey Butler.

Retail expert Tom Julian said giving to get a discount is a growing trend.

"The store wins because they're creating good will as well as activism, and I think the shopper wins because they know that transaction does a lot more," said Julian, strategic director for the Doneger Group.

Shoppers who bring gently-used clothes to retailer H&M will receive a 15 percent shopping discount.

A used pair of shoes will benefit the international charity Soles for Souls. Customers who donate get a discount on their purchase at participating stores.

"Not only are we being able to provide an organization like Soles for Souls with shoes, but the fact that we are now giving back to that consumer as well," said Darren Simpson, general manager of Reebok Fithub. "I think those two go hand-in-hand, and the participation just skyrockets."

The Kiehl's cosmetics and beauty products store gives back to customers all year long with their Recycle to Reward program.

"It encourages good recycling behaviors, and you also get a complimentary Kiehl's product, so everyone wins," said Kiehl's president Chris Salgardo.

Ten empty containers earns a product at Kiehl's. And for the holiday, the store is selling products that will raise money to feed a million people living below the poverty line.

"Consumers feel much better when they know the retailer is contributing to the community, and that they can have some role in it," Julian said.

MAC Cosmetics also has a program that rewards customers with products in exchange for recycling empty containers.

And if you want to do good while you do your holiday shopping, retailers such as Warby Parker eyewear and Tom's Shoes have programs that give to those in need.

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