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Seen At 11: Product Or Procedure? Experts Say Both Can Clear Up Lines And Wrinkles

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- For every line and wrinkle there is a laser or injection to help get rid of it.

Now, as CBS2's Dana Tyler reported, there are products instead of procedures that are easier and cheaper, but promise impressive results.

"It was 15 needles in the bottom, 20 in the top," Nicole Lotito said.

That was her count for injectable lip filler.

"The down time was a little more than I expected," she said.

This time, Lotito is going the product route to plump her lips.

"This is very comparable and something I actually feel better about doing," she said.

She used Dermelect. Jodi Lavian is the co-founder.

"What sets this apart are definitely our ingredients in there. The hyluronic acid, argon oil, it's definitely nourishing and it will work instantly," she said.

There are promising plumpers on the market, priced from $10 to about $60.

New to the market for lines and wrinkles is'Fillerina.'

"I would never use needles. I'm afraid of them," Ramona Bisono said.

Bisono opted for a two part, two week treatment for her fine lines. Beauty expert Elizabeth Kennedy said results can last for month.

"These molecules are so small that they're actually going down to the dermis. That's the coolest part about this," she said.

Fillerina contains hylauronic acid, an ingredient found in many injectables. It's applied with needle like applicators to target specific areas.

"At home products that previously may not have given you impressive results, now we're seeing that cause the ingredients are so much better," Dr. Kim Nichols explained.

Dr. Nichols is a dermatologist who said Avon is another brand whose products have results comparable to office procedures.

"The infinite lift has poly peptide ingredients. That's found in a lot of lift procedures that we do to lift and tighten," Dr. Nichols said.

She also recommends retexturing pads instead of expensive in-office peels, as they create less irritation and require less down time.

"Some people could say creams are promises in a jar," Dr. Michelle Yagoda said.

Dr. Yagoda agreed that there are good options on the market, but added that nothing will replace professional procedures just yet.

"Realistically topical products are not going to replace the effects you can get from a procedure and surgery," she said.

Experts said the products can also work well to extend the results of an injection or procedure. They add; if you're considering a procedure, but not ready to commit. The products could be a good way to test it out.



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