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Liguori: LT Enters The Hall Of Shame

By Ann Liguori
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It pains me to devote any time or space talking or writing about Lawrence Taylor. The Hall of Shame linebacker has had so many chances in life and he continues to be pathetic.

Giants fans who defend him, who seem to hang on to his 'star power' and his legacy from  the glory years when LT dominated at his position need to get over him! The guy is the big 'L' – LOSER – in life!

It's bad enough that he was only sentenced to six years of probation this past Tuesday for having sex with an underage girl last year. He then appears on FOX News, interviewed by Shepherd Smith and reveals more depths to his lameness.

Here are some of the shocking excerpts:

LT: It is what it is… My beef is not with her (the girl). My beef is not with the media... I'll take my punishment like I should. My problem, (he laughs) my problem is at home with my wife…so that's the only one I really have to answer to."

Smith asked him: "How did it happen that you solicited her services through someone?"

LT: I had been on the road for 10-11 days, I came into town, made a phone call to a friend of mine and he made a phone call…"It's the world of prostitution…you never know what you are going to get, whether it is going to be a pretty girl or an ugly girl (Smith  interjects …'or a young girl.')

LT continues: "You can only ask. No, I don't card them, I don't ask for birth certificates..."

Smith: "You mentioned your wife… do you solicit prostitutes often? Is your wife aware?"

"…I have been in NY for a lot of years…I am not looking for a relationship... Sometimes I look for some company… Then it's all clean. I don't have to worry about your feelings. I'm not saying it's right… it's the oldest profession in the world and it happens... If you want to stop prostitution, what are you going to do, close out every go-go bar in America? Open the phone book! You can start closing people down, there's a thousand of them in there…"

"…I have used the services before. It's one of those crimes that you never think about, that you never think you're going to get busted because everybody does it, until you get busted then its more embarrassing than anything else."

Smith: what will you tell your five- year-old son later?

LT: It's all part that makes me who I am. I don't run from it. I can't run from it. He'll be a better man for it. He will know some of the pitfalls you can fall into… women, drugs, whatever, you can fall into it."

Smith: Have you solicited a prostitute since?

LT: "No, (laughing) I think that once you get caught up in something like this, it kind of kicks you out of the habit…

…What has kept me strong this  whole 11 months is  meeting people and fans who come up to me and say, literally, ' I am getting screwed…this is not right'…"

Wow – need I say more?

Just when your opinion of one of NY's most legendary sports stars could not get any worse, what LT says in this interview, what he believes and how he says it, is so disturbing on so many levels (cheating on his wife, prostitution, having sex with an underage girl, being more embarrassed from 'getting busted" and saying that HE is the one getting screwed, just to name a few), that there really is no more to say.

Time to move on Giants fans…you have a lot more worthwhile things to hold on to!


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