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Jeremy Lin's Tremendous Play LINspiring Fans Across New York City

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The story of Jeremy Lin's sudden rise to stardom has become an inspiration for the Asian American community in New York City and for fans everywhere.

The phenomenon has sparked a frenzy in the city that even included a New York Knicks viewing party in Chinatown Wednesday night.

Lin put up another spectacular performance, which included 10 points and 13 assists in a blowout win of the Sacramento Kings. The team has now won seven straight.

"He's completely resurrected Knicks basketball.  The Garden is alive again," Alvin Kong told CBS 2's Hazel Sanchez. "Everybody loves it, New York loves it, the world loves it."

Basketball has never been so popular at P.S. 1 in Chinatown, where the kids can't get enough of their new role model.

"He's so good that it just makes me feel so proud," 10-year-old Matthew Lai told CBS 2's Cindy Hsu.

Lai said Lin's emergence has inspired him to dream big dreams to "be a NBA star just like him."

"I think he's really amazing because he also went to a great school," said Nina Lin, 10, referring to point guard's Harvard education.

While Lin-Mania started less than 2 weeks ago, some die hard fans like Kyle Lew, have been following Lin for years. Lew says his focus on the team on and off the court is what's most impressive.

"Every time the interview happens he always list his teammates and how it's not him, it's his teammates and he just dedicates everything to the fans," Lew said.

The Lin craze has extended across the globe. Hsu even met some tourists visiting from Taiwan, who were buying up plenty of Jeremy Lin t-shirts and jerseys to take home with them. They said they are planning to extend their vacation to catch a game at Madison Square Garden.

Minh Nguyen, of Bay Ridge, bought a Lin Jersey for his 3-year-old son and says just having an Asian name on the back is inspiring.

"We're going to watch the games every single night when it comes on and we're going to be rooting Jeremy on," Nguyen said.

While Linsanity is sparking dreams in a lot of young fans throughout the world, there are some parents who are now reaching for the stars as well.

Has Linsanity reignited your interest in watching Knicks basketball?  Share your thoughts below...

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