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Deputy Prime Minister: Authorities Close To Identifying Istanbul Nightclub Gunman

ISTANBUL (CBSNewYork) -- The search continued in Turkey Monday for a man who opened fire inside a crowded nightclub just an hour into the New Year, killing more than three dozen people.

As CBS2's Tony Aiello reported, several people have been detained in the shooting in Istanbul. But the gunman, who was captured on surveillance video, escaped. He is now the most wanted man in Turkey.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said the gunman behind the attack left behind fingerprints, and he said investigators are close to identifying him.

"We hope that we will find not only the terrorist," Kurtlumus said in Turkish, "but also his connections, and those who gave him support inside and outside (the club)."

PHOTOS: Dozens Dead In Istanbul Nightclub Shooting

Jacob Raak, a business owner from Greenville, Delaware, was injured in the attack.

"I got shot in the (expletive) leg, man!" Raak said as he was wheeled away on a stretcher. "These crazy people came in shooting everything!"

Raak said a bullet bounced off his phone and hit him in the leg. By Monday morning, he was patched up and ready to return to the U.S.

"I don't want to talk about what happened inside the club," Raak said Monday. "But I want to say - this is a very good country and it's so unfortunate that this is happening to you guys and I really feel for everyone here."

The killer was seen on surveillance video exchanging gunfire with police outside the club an hour after midnight. Bullets ricocheted off a car.

The man then shot his way into the club, killing a police officer and a civilian. When it was over, 39 people were dead.

Authorities believe the gunman may have changed clothes before disappearing into the night.

Turkey's state-run news agency said eight people were being questioned in connection with the attack. ISIS has claimed responsibility.

At a growing makeshift memorial outside the club, a woman said, "We must not be afraid, because we will die as long as we are afraid and as long as we keep silent."

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