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Harvey Weinstein Trial: Rape Accuser Faces Defense Cross-Examination In Court

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The woman Harvey Weinstein is charged with raping in a Manhattan hotel room back in 2013 was back in court Monday to face cross-examination from the defense.

Jessica Mann said when she met Weinstein, he offered to help her with her acting aspirations, CBS2's Alice Gainer reported.

The 67-year-old former movie mogul is charged in the alleged New York attack. Mann, 34, also said he raped her a second time months later at a Los Angeles hotel where she worked after she told Weinstein she was dating an actor.

Harvey Weinstein Trial Sketch, Jan. 31
(credit: CBS2)

She said Weinstein screamed at her "You owe me one more time," just prior to the second alleged assault.

The defense wanted to know why, after the alleged attacks, she kept in touch with their client, sending him flattering and flirtatious emails, like "as always happy to see your smile, looking forward to catching up." She said, "I wanted him to believe I wasn't a threat" and "I was afraid of his unpredictable anger."

The defense also pointed out she agreed to go out with a married man. She was 27 at the time, and he was about to turn 61.

Mann said Weinstein also told her she reminded him of his wife, saying they were both clumsy. He also offered to provide Mann a dress from his fashion designer wife's company for a party.

Web Extra: Read the indictment against Weinstein (pdf)

At times sobbing in court, she described unwelcome advances which escalated from him asking for a massage to performing a sex act on her.

Mann said Friday she was confused after what happened and made a decision to be in a relationship with him, wanting his approval and feeling compassion after seeing him naked and thinking he was "missing portions of his private parts," a comment he laughed off after court, saying he dated her for five years.

During this time she said he was degrading, had a "Jekyll and Hyde" personality, poor personal hygiene -- smelling like human waste -- and didn't want to hear the word "no."

Weinstein is also accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 2006. He has insisted any sexual encounters were consensual.

If convicted he faces life in prison.

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