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Happy Corgi, Happy Life: Watch These Pampered Pups Play the Day Away

1010 WINS- Danbi, Hare and Sasha are South Korea's equivalent of the Kardashian sisters. With 45k followers on Instagram alone, fans have come to love the posts their owner Ji Yeon Kim has been uploading over the years.

Danbi passed away in February, but Hare and Sasha are still living it up with their low-riding friends. Over the summer, one of the pups could be seen slipping and sliding to the tune of LMFAO's hit single "Sexy and I Know It."

That clip has already received 98,000 views, leaving just 474,131,769 more views to catch up to LMFAO's video view count. Hey, it could happen!

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Follow @SAMCORGI ("Sam" means "Three" in Korean by the way) on Instagram and watch even more adorable videos on their YouTube channel.

Water Slide Loving Corgi / 웰시코기 사샤는 슬라이드를 좋아해 - SAMCORGI by samcorgi on YouTube


-Joe Cingrana

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