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Gotham Gossipist: Mariah Carey, Jenny Craig's Latest Loser, Flaunts Post-Pregnancy Body

By Kimberly Rae Miller

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Mariah Carey is the newest slimming celebrity to promote the Jenny Craig line of weight loss products.

Usually, spokesfolk for the company, (Kirstie Alley, Jason Alexander, Valerie Bertinelli), lose weight over the course of commercials.

Carey, who lives in New York with husband Nick Cannon, went straight for the 'after' shot.

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In a recent interview with Oprah's BFF, Gayle King, Carey admitted that she has no idea how much she gained during her pregnancy.  But, she said she's lost 70 pounds since the birth of twins Monroe and Moroccan in April.

The songstress said she suffered from serious edema during and after her pregnancy, and a large portion of her weight loss was pure water weight.  Carey said she lost 40 pounds of water weight, and the other 30 pounds vanished with the help of the Jenny diet program.

Carey has her own system of weight determination. She admitted to Gayle King that she focused on her dress size, image in the mirror, and whether or not her bones protruded - not on the scale.

"I had, like, no bones for a while," she said while pointing to her collarbone. "It's important to me to feel my bones!"

She even admitted to not being comfortable being seen by her husband during her pregnancy.

"I had a towel on in the tub," Carey declared. "I'm not lying, I promise you! You think I would let Nick see me looking rancid like that?"

I don't know if I would call pregnancy "rancid," but to each their own.

Mariah, congratulations on your bones coming back.  This promotional deal should keep 'dem babies' in diapers for a while.

Kimberly Rae Miller is a writer, actress, and host living in New York City (

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