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Following death of her son in apparent road rage incident on I-84, mother laments his decision to engage

2 men killed in apparent road rage incident in Putnam County
2 men killed in apparent road rage incident in Putnam County 02:05

KENT, N.Y. -- Two men were killed over the weekend during an apparent road rage incident on a highway in Putnam County.

On Tuesday, CBS2's Tony Aiello spoke with the mother of one of the men who died.

"I just don't know what else to do. It's hard. It's hard losing a child," Marisol Tarantino said.

Tarantino said it is a pain no mother should bear. Her son, 22-year-old Fabian Tirado, was killed early on Saturday.

New York State Police say it happened on a dark and rainy stretch of I-84 at the time. Tirado was driving home with a cousin when he got involved in a road rage incident with 38-year-old Mark Hall of Holmes.

"The other guy kept cutting him off. So the other guy stopped on the side of the road. My son stopped. They had words and then this other car just came out and hit my son and hit the other guy," Tarantino said.

Investigators say Hall and Tirado were arguing outside their vehicles in the right traffic lane when they were hit.

State police say the driver of the car that struck and killed Hall and Tirado suffered minor injuries and was treated at a hospital in Danbury, Connecticut.

People who knew Tirado told CBS2 he was funny and loving, and devoted to his family and friends.

His mother will forever regret his decision to engage, rather than ignore, an allegedly aggressive driver.

"If somebody is cutting you off, just ignore it. Keep going. Don't bother. It's not worth it. It's really not," Tarantino said.

State police continue to investigate, hoping to better understand the circumstances that led to the deaths of two men on that stretch of highway.

For more on how you can help the Tirado family, please click here.

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