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Firefighters Stage 2-Day Rescue To Free Dog Trapped In Pipe

SECAUCUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- A New Jersey woman and her beloved dog were united Sunday, more than 20 hours after the pup got itself trapped in a small pipe in Secaucus.

Kristie Ann Ramos' dog Khaleesi (yes, from "Game of Thrones") reportedly got stuck in the pipe on Saturday afternoon in Laurel Hill Park.

Ramos and her husband told CBS2 they had to convince first responders that Khaleesi was trapped inside the city pipe. The couple lowered in an iPhone attached to a long PVE pipe which spotted the dog on its camera.

Kristie Ann Ramos' cellphone picture of her dog trapped in a Secaucus pipe. (Credit: Kristie Ann Ramos)

Volunteers and members of the Secaucus Fire Department worked into the night on Saturday before being forced to call off the rescue until Sunday.

After cutting away several feet of pipe, and using the "jaws of life," first responders rescued Khaleesi from her terrifying ordeal.

"Those men are incredible… I was so grateful that's she's not hurt… she's been in there nearly 24 hours," a relieved Ramos told CBS2.

WEB EXTRA: First responders in Secaucus describe how they freed Khaleesi from the pipe

The grateful dog owner also thanked volunteer firefighter Walter Francis, the entire Secaucus Fire Department, and the city's mayor for staying at the site for hours to help free the pup.

"It's a really happy ending to a happy story. It's a good ending, that's what it's about," Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli said Sunday.

"I basically could not sleep. I was tossing and turning last night thinking about the situation," Secaucus Battalion Chief Joseph Schoendorf added.

"We chipped away at the pipe little by little and then we got to the area where the dog was to be able to pull the dog out."

A tearful Ramos thanked first responders before taking the lucky dog to their local vet to be checked out.

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