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Family Seeks Answers After Sample Swap At Fertility Clinic

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A family is in shock after learning that their daughter's biological father is not the man she calls dad, but instead, a former technician at a fertility clinic.

As CBS 2's Cindy Hsu reported Saturday, Annie Branham grew up in a loving, supportive and stable home, but nothing could prepare her for what her mother discovered.

"In the beginning I was shocked," Annie told Hsu. "It took me a minute. I was like what are you talking about. What does that mean?"

Through her mother Pam's detective work, the family learned about Tom Lippert. Lippert is a convicted kidnapper who worked at the clinic that the Branham's went to 21 years ago, Hsu reported.

The Branham's believe Lippert switched their samples.

The clinic that the Branham's went to was in Utah and has since gone out of business, making it tougher to answer important questions, Hsu reported.

"My husband wants to know where's his sample. Does he have a child out there that we don't know about?" Pam said.

The family said they also worry that Lippert fathered other children through the clinic. They say it will now be easier to learn if Lippert fathered other children by matching DNA samples to Annie's.

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