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Family Mourns Shooting Death Of 29-Year-Old Dawn Reddick In Newark

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A heartbroken family in Newark is searching for answers following a deadly shooting that left their loved one dead and three others wounded.

Dawn Reddick, a 29-year-old teacher from Virginia, was back in Newark -- where she grew up -- last week. She was in town to drop off her nephew, who had spent a month with her down south.

On Friday night, however, Reddick was gunned down in front of a Chinese restaurant.

"I don't want her gone at all," the victim's sister, Danielle Corum, tearfully told CBS 2's Christine Sloan. "She was actually supposed to leave Friday morning, but unfortunately she just said 'you know, I'm going to stay one more day.'"

Reddick was one of four people, including a 7-year-old, shot that night. Authorities said they were all innocent bystanders.

Witnesses on the scene said that Reddick died trying to protect that 7-year-old child.

James Reddick, the victim's father, said he "kind of got a little solace from the fact that when they told me that she was trying to shield the little girl then I believed it, you know, because that's her."

Reddick received high honors throughout her schooling and in the district she taught. Her mother made it to the hospital to say goodbye before she was taken off life support. On Monday, Diane Reddick had a message for the killer.

"He should turn himself in. He should really feel bad that he took someone so special away from her family, her friends, the children that she taught," she said.

Mayor Cory Booker said he needs more help from the state to curb the violence.

"I'm very grateful for what we're receiving, but obviously, what we have is not enough," Booker said.

"No one on this earth is perfect, but I'm telling you, she was close to it," Danielle Corum said.

"I believe she's in God's care right now," the victim's mother said.

Police say they have no motive in the shootings.

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