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Experts: Keep The Stink Bug Invasion Out Of Your House

WEST ORANGE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Stink bug season in the Tri-State Area has just begun, and there are measures that people are advised to take before the bugs become a real nuisance.

As CBS 2's Tracee Carrasco reported, stink bugs are looking to move into homes as the temperatures drop. And Eric Morse, owner of Regal Pest Management, said you might be inviting the bugs into your house and not even know it.

"Stink bugs typically land on the southwestern side of the house where you get afternoon sun, and once they're sitting on the house, they're going to look to walk into a crack or crevice," Morse said. "It's best to make sure that you have all the trim buttoned up with silicone and caulk to help prevent that."

Once the bugs are inside, it is not always easy to get rid of the smelly bugs, which omit an odor if squashed.

"If it's one or two, you can just pick them up with a tissue and discard of them or release them," Morse said. "If you do have stink bugs in large numbers, a vacuum is the best tool once they're inside the house."

Morse suggested light traps to catch the bugs, and warned that pest treatments do not always work.

"Don't expect a huge result," Morse said. "It will only lower the amount of stink bugs getting into the house. It won't stop them."

But there are things you can do outside of your home to prevent stink bugs from ever getting inside. Morse advised that you make sure your doors seal tightly, your window screens fit properly, and any cracks are sealed.

"Silicone any space around any window or door, including gaps along foundations," he said.

Among other hiding spots for stink bugs are piles of wood. Morse said to make sure wood piles are located at least 50 feet from your home.

And when you bring the furniture set in off the patio, Morse advised, "It's best to turn everything over; wash everything with regular water; make sure there's no insects that you're going to bring into the house," he said.

If not removed from the house, the bugs will die indoors in large numbers and produce a horrible smell. The bugs may also attract carpet beetles and other scavengers.

Adult female stink bugs lay clusters of 20 to 30 eggs, experts said.

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