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Egg Shop: NYC's Best New Diner

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Photo Credit: Alli Shepherd

Egg Shop
151 Elizabeth St.
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 646.666.0810

Back to school means two things: Friday night parties and Saturday morning hangovers.  And if you've learned anything this far in your studies, you'll know the best cure to a hangover is your local BEC.  What could possibly be better than crispy bacon combined with runny eggs and melted cheese, on a toasted roll?

The answer: having that meal prepared by Chef Nick Korbee at Demetri Makouis and Sarah Schneider's new restaurant Egg Shop. Just as Makouis and Schneider were blown away with Korbee's countless variations of egg recipes, you too will be in awe of all the unique and delicious dishes.

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Since they're open from 8am until Midnight on the week days and until 1am on weekends you can cure that hangover of yours in this casual Nolita diner, whenever you get up the strength to get out of bed (or even to top off your night).

Now, we know decision making is going to be difficult in your "condition", so we've decided to help you by selecting a few of, what we think are,  some of the best choices on the menu. If you are feeling ambitious and want to venture away from customizing your own egg-and-cheese sandwich (which we think is best with the homemade chipotle-bourbon ketchup), you should try the poached egg with miso quinoa, or the egg salad with friend chicken on toast (because we all know the magic of fried foods after a night of drinking).

For those of you who change your mind as often as a pregnant woman, and decide you actually aren't in the mood for eggs, it's ok because they're prepared for your kind as well (and will only judge a little).  If you want to look healthy and hip you should probably go with the creamy Greek Yogurt served with crunchy Ambrosial-brand granola (made by Makouliss' mom in Brooklyn).

By the time you leave this culinary heaven, you will be ready for your Saturday night "studies"… Or a good night sleep!

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. content for CBS New York.

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