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Edgewater Residents Still On Edge Over Death-Defying Crosswalk

EDGEWATER, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Bergen County officials promised to take action over a dangerous crosswalk after CBS2 voiced residents' complaints eight months ago. Fast forward to now, and people in Edgewater say they're still running for their lives.

The now-infamous crosswalk runs across River Road at Garden Place. The speed limit is 35 miles-per-hour, and residents say cars regularly whiz by at much faster speeds as people try to cross.

There are signs to yield to pedestrians, which is a state law, but it's evident that just isn't happening.

Matt Mullin and his wife started an online petition for a traffic light. When CBS2 demanded answers in April, a county spokesperson said by summer commuters would be able to push a button and activate lights in the crosswalk.

Months later, residents say there have been at least three accidents involving pedestrians along the perilous parkway.

"I always told them, 'does someone need to get hit in order to do something about it?'," Min Joo, who was one of the pedestrians struck by a car, said. "I just hope somebody does something about it."

CBS2 once again asked both borough and county officials why safety measures aren't being put into place. They responded, saying there was a problem finding a contractor to stay within their budget.

"With Edgewater it just seems like excuse after excuse after excuse," Mullin said.

Joo says if need be, she'll order an Uber just to cross River Road.

County officials said they'll resume their efforts for a fix in January or February.

In New Jersey, pedestrians only have the right of way when they're in the crosswalk. If you're waiting on the curb, the law says cars aren't obligated to yield.

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