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Eastchester Resident Sets Up Night Vision Camera In Hopes Of Catching Vandal

EASTCHESTER, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Residents in part of Westchester are trying to catch a monster who comes out after dark.

Someone has been vandalizing cars at night for no apparent reason.

"You can see it continues here, and runs all the way until here," a resident showed CBS2's Lou Young.

A senseless series of vandalism incidents is getting under the skin of car owners in a quiet suburban complex called Interlaken Gardens.

Somebody's been gouging vehicles overnight.

"I had a red Jeep Cherokee that was keyed twice in a month. It cost over $4,000 to have it fixed and my insurance rates went up just because of this," Bob Capuano said.

Fifteen different incidents have occurred over a few months. Dana King moved to the neighborhood from Corona, Queens where she might have shrugged it off, but here?

"You'd never expect this to be happening in this sleepy little Eastchester community," she said.

But it has. Local cops left the complex Friday after watching a full night of surveillance video from newly installed cameras.

There are images of a person moving between the cars found damaged in the morning, but victims have been told the pictures are inconclusive.

"It was too dark, they really couldn't see anything. We filed a police report, and never really heard anything," Priska Diaz said.

Diaz set up her own surveillance; a 20-year-old Sony camera on a tripod with night vision running digital tape.

"I wanted to really see who this individual is who's terrorizing us," she said.

The cops said if the incidents continue, it's only a matter of time before that happens. Residents said they're tired of waiting for results.


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