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New York City Council members say they continue to endure attacks for supporting Drag Story Hour

City Council members endure personal attacks over support for Drag Story Hour
City Council members endure personal attacks over support for Drag Story Hour 02:21

NEW YORK -- City Council members say they've endured personal attacks, protests and even vandalism all because they support Drag Story Hour, a literacy program for children that continues to face strong opposition. 

There are messages of inclusion and acceptance within the Drag Story Hour circle.

Outside, protesters go to libraries, as well as the homes and offices of supportive council members. 

"Gender expression as a form of storytelling has a long history going back to the dawn of time," said Council Member Shekar Krishnan. "There is an all-out assault against our LGBTQ communities." 

Krishnan takes his kids to Drag Story Hour. But since September, protesters showed up to his home or office to vandalize property at least 12 times. 

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Oliver H., a Drag Story Hour storyteller for almost three years, said three of his events have been protested. 

"To have people across the street calling me a groomer, calling me all of these awful, terrible things," said Oliver H. 

In December, Council Member Erik Bottcher's home and office were vandalized by protesters

Some council members remain opposed to the program, even after they had similar experiences with protesters. 

"Political vandalism and threats are unfortunately something we all face as elected officials, and it's always unacceptable," said Council Member Vickie Paladino. "It is a deeply harmful program which has no place in our schools." 

Some parents feel Drag Story Hour will confuse their kids. 

"When it gets to the right age, I wouldn't be against it," said Bobbie Port. 

Oliver H. and some council members said they wish there was a program like it when they were kids. 

"I think it's more confusing for kids to see that kind of hateful, violent behavior and receive messages that they're trying to protect children," said Oliver H. 

Council members said they're actively exploring next steps to show support for Drag Story Hour, which they said has become more popular since being met with protests. 

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