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Survey: Donald Trump Outpolls All GOP Candidates In NH Except Jeb Bush

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Donald Trump's bid for the presidency has been mocked as a publicity stunt, but a new poll suggests he's gaining traction in New Hampshire.

According to a poll from the Suffolk University Political Research Center, 11 percent of GOP voters in New Hampshire support Trump, who finished second by just three points to the frontrunner, ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

"Jeb Bush continues to lead, but Donald Trump has emerged as an anti-Jeb Bush alternative in New Hampshire," David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston, said in a statement. "Many of those who like Trump are voting for him, and although many more dislike him, the unfavorables are split up among many other candidates. It's the politics of plurality."

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker came in third at 8 percent followed by Sen. Marco Rubio at 7 percent, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 6 percent and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at 5 percent.

The downside for The Donald is that New Hampshire residents don't necessarily think he deserves a slot at the upcoming televised candidate debates on August 10.

"This is where Trump's unfavorability is limiting people's tolerance to hear what he has to say, and voters would rather see other candidates in the debate," said Paleologos. "Trump's controversial candidacy is being constructed in a way that gives him visibility and exposure in the short term but may also limit his growth in the long run, like a glass ceiling."

Trump announced his candidacy last week, declaring that we would be "the greatest jobs president that God ever created."

The poll surveyed 500 likely New Hampshire Republican presidential primary voters between June 18 and June 22 with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

To see the full results, click here.

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