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Cuomo On Feud With De Blasio: 'It's Clear That His Style Is To Air His Public Frustration'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- When Mayor Bill de Blasio returns from vacation, will he and Gov. Andrew Cuomo get together to bury the hatchet?

"Yeah, I don't know how I feel about pasta summits," Cuomo joked Tuesday, regarding a suggestion by Sen. Al D'Amato to try to mediate the dispute between the state's biggest power brokers.

The governor said he'd rather bite his tongue than air his frustrations publicly, CBS2's Marcia Kramer reported.

"It's clear that his style is to air his public frustration. Everybody has their own style. I don't choose to do that," Cuomo said.

Cuomo: 'I Don't Know How I Feel About Pasta Summits'

The apparent political feud began last week after the mayor unleashed a bitter blast at Cuomo, accusing him of seeking to undermine the city's agenda and doling out political retribution.

De Blasio said he believes the Democratic governor holds substantial influence over the Republican-led Senate's leadership, which led to several measures the mayor had been pushing for during the recent legislative session being watered down.

Cuomo suggested de Blasio didn't know how to play the game in Albany where, unlike New York City, there are Republicans, Kramer reported.

"You don't have to deal with those annoying issues of partisanship and getting two sides to agree," the governor said.

The governor said the Senate didn't want anything to do with mayoral control of the schools.

"And even in the Assembly there was a strong feeling that they weren't sure that the Board of Education wasn't better," the governor said.

Cuomo Responds To De Blasio's Remarks

Though de Blasio didn't get permanent control of the New York City public school system, Cuomo said "Next we can come back and if he does a good job, then we can say he should have more control."

But the governor also conceded de Blasio did well this session because affordable housing legislation was passed, 1010 WINS's Juliet Papa reported.

Cuomo claimed that didn't want to publicly continue a war of words with de Blasio.

"I try to bite my tongue once in a while on personal feelings, not that I've ever had any personal feelings about any of you," Cuomo said.

Kramer: "Are you biting you tongue, governor?"

Cuomo: "I'm biting my tongue on one of your stories. I bit my tongue so hard I bled for a week."

Though de Blasio is on vacation, his spokeswoman, Karen Hinton, stayed the anti-Cuomo course.

"The mayor's comments from last week stand," Hinton said. "The accountability that comes with mayoral control means the buck stops with the mayor, and the people of this city can hold him or her responsible for student outcomes."

The mayor had breakfast with Flagstaff, Arizona Mayor Jerry Nabours on Tuesday and couldn't resist griping about how the Legislature won't let him do what he wants, Kramer reported.

De Blasio may have been able to let off steam, but it could cost him. Nabours said that when he comes to New York City he'll ask his new buddy for Broadway tickets.

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