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'Paradise Run' Host Daniella Monet Has It Rough Working In Hawaii

1010 WINS  -- Many would say that Daniella Monet has the job of a lifetime because she gets to work in Hawaii while hosting Nickelodeon's hit game show, Paradise Run.

The show set in well, paradise, returns for its third season with all new episodes on January 1 at 7 p.m.

Daniella stopped by The Trend to chat with host Rebecca Granet about just how "rough" it is to work in Hawaii.

"Every year when they say we got picked up again, I'm like 'shucks'... I love Hawaii, are you kidding? It's unreal," Daniella said. "It's a dream job for sure."

Daniella said one of her favorite things about the show is how real it is and that you really get to see thees kids in their element.

"They almost forget the cameras are there and if they're having an argument or if they're working something out  it's 100 percent them and I crack up every time."

Season 3 will be full of excitement and some amazing celebrity guests including WWE Superstars, athletes and gymnasts, as well as former singers and actors.

You'll have to tune in on New Year's Day to find out exactly who you may see in paradise.

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