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Gov. Cuomo Compares Penn Station To 'Seven Levels Of Hell'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Two years ago, Vice President Joe Biden compared LaGuardia Airport to that of a third world country.

Now, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said another New York City transportation hub embarrassingly draws similar comparisons.

Cuomo likened Penn Station to Dante's "Inferno" during a Long Island transportation event in Suffolk County on Tuesday.

"Penn Station is a disgrace," Cuomo said. "Imagine what they say when they get off the train. 'This is New York? Looks like the seven levels of hell. I'm in New York?' I mean, that's Penn Station."

The governor added more people go through Penn Station every day than all three major New York City airports combined.

"It's the most heavily traveled transportation hub in the hemisphere," Cuomo said.

Earlier this year, Cuomo announced a $3 billion plan to revamp the dilapidated station.


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