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Coutinho: Ike Davis And David Wright Suffering From Hard Luck

By Rich Coutinho
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Ike Davis is suffering from an ailment called Valley Fever which is prevalent in Arizona where 40% of the residents suffer from the disease. Davis went to NY after his physical showed something down here in Port St. Lucie and that is when it was originally thought there was an issue . "The funny thing", says Davis, "is they think I have it but the test was negative and that's why it was really hard to talk about it."

The strange thing is Ike Davis could have had this for quite some time but was not aware of it. The disease is not something that has a bunch of symptoms but one of them is extreme fatigue. "I have not felt tired at all and have resumed all of my normal activities but I guess it is something that bears watching", says Davis. Of course, this is something that will indeed bear watching as the season progresses since Ike Davis is someone who the Mets need to play a majority of the time but Ike says that if he feels fatigued, he will let Terry Collins know.

As for David Wright, he continues to suffer from rib cage soreness and will miss at least 2 exhibition tilts although the Met third basemen contends had this been Opening Day, he would have been in the lineup. After the incident that occurred yesterday where Scott Hairston re-injured his oblique, the Mets intend on being very careful with injuries. Wright said, "They made it very clear they will be the ones running the show in regards to injuries and when players return."

Will Davis and Wright make it back in time for Opening Day? Let us know…

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