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Coronavirus In New Jersey: Restrictions Loom As State Reports More Than 4,500 New COVID Cases; Gov. Murphy: 'If We See Transmission, We Will Get At It'

NEW JERSEY (CBSNewYork) -- More than 4,500 new coronavirus cases were reported across New Jersey on Thursday.

It means more restrictions could be on the horizon as we enter the holiday season, CBS2's Meg Baker reported.

"Next week, we'll continue to take steps. If we see transmission, we will get at it," said Gov. Phil Murphy, alluding to further restrictions as Thanksgiving and colder weather approach.

"What number of cases would we have to reach for you to take further action?" Baker asked the governor.

"We started, certainly as a state, flat-footed. Today, we have days we test 75,000 people a day. So, cases matter, but... be careful of that," said Murphy.

Newark and the surrounding cities may take matters into their own hands with a collective shutdown and stay at home order that could be announced as soon as Thanksgiving.


Carlos Medina, chairman of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said businesses will need a second stimulus check to make it through if that happens.

"Most business owners are cognizant of the fact that if we could slow this down, long term, for their business it'll be stronger and healthier. But, if it gets out of control, what business are they gonna have?" Medina said.

Many school districts are making the decision to go all remote until January.

"Let's do this right. Let's try to get this out of here. The problem we were having here was a lack of continuity and, with the constant ins and outs and the parents' schedules being disrupted," said Little Ferry Supt. Frank Scarafile.

There is no statewide plan to shut down schools.

"No two are alike and, by the way, I have to say, the in-school COVID reality, the in-school transmission, reality is better than I would have ever guessed," said Murphy.


The winter sports season is being delayed until 2021 with the exception of ice hockey, since schools have contracts and financial obligations for ice time, according to NJSIAA COO Colleen Maguire.

Gov. Murphy is urging everyone to take personal responsibility to protect themselves and others as most transmissions are taking place behind private doors.

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